Vocation Essay Contests

6th Grade Vocation Essay Contest 2024

Sophomore Vocation Essay Contest 2023

Sophomore Boys

First place: Samuel Palka of St. Louis Priory

Samuel’s teacher is Mr. Stephen Zaegel

Second place: Joshua Miller of St. Pius X

Tied for third place: John Paul Steinbruegge of St. Dominic

Tied for third place: Trenten Welker of St. Vincent De Paul

Sophomore Girls

First place: Danait Hagos of Notre Dame HS

Danait’s teacher is Mrs Jeannie Bateman

Tied for Second place: Jenna Unterreiner of St. Vincent De PAUL

Tied for second place: Blair Nettles of St. Pius X

Tied for third place: Valeria Rodriguez of Cor Jesu

Tied for third place: Julianne Zenor of Visitation Academy