School and PSR Vocation Awareness

The Serra Club of St. Louis is working to promote this week in the Catholic parishes and schools/PSRs in the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  We are asking all schools to consider including something in your curriculum that week.  Contact Jeanne Schultz and Suzanne Smith to assist you. Here are four suggestions.

1) During morning announcements for five days, pray a discernment prayer with the students.  Pass out prayer cards to older students to follow along with the prayer and say it out loud.  On Friday, let them take the prayer card home to keep.  (PSR can tailor this to what works for them).   The Serra Club of St. Louis is happy to provide your school and PSR Vocation Holy Cards (see options) .  Contact Cheri Reh to have the quantity that you want delivered to you. 



“This week is Vocations Awareness Week.  Each morning we will pray to discover our Vocation.

What is a vocation?  It is what God is calling you to do with your life.  God already has a plan for you and you need to ask Him what it is and then listen as he reveals it to you.  It often takes a long time to understand His plan.  He may call you to be married and raise a holy family.  He may call you to be a priest, a religious sister, or a religious brother, and serve the Church.  He may call you to the single life and reveal ways to serve Him and God’s people.  All through your life, ask the Lord how to best serve Him, and listen to the answers you feel in your heart.”

 2)  There are many videos to show students.  Here are some examples.

3)  There are pre-planned curriculums you can use.

4) Contact the Office of Vocations, Renae Novak  , to reserve and borrow Priest/Nun life-size cardboard cutouts any time of the year.

Priest Stand-up Cutout

Sister Stand-up Cutout