Vocation Programs

The programs that follow are some of the many diverse ways in which Serrans accept the challenge of fostering vocations in their community.

Called by Name

Called By Name is a national, parish-based program begun by the Serra Club of St. Louis.  It has two objectives: to raise the consciousness of Catholics to foster vocations and to surface the name of individuals who may possess the qualities necessary for a vocations to priesthood or religious life.

The 31 club

The 31 Club is a prayer program in which a Serran chooses one date of the month when he or she will go to Mass and pray for all priests, sisters, brothers, deacons and lay ministers who have served or are serving his or her parish, and that future church vocations will be forthcoming from the parish.

Altar Server Programs

Serra clubs recognize the valuable service young men and women nationwide offer the church by serving their parish community by awarding certificates and medals to them.  At the same time, Serrans help create an awareness of religious life as a vocational choice.

Parish Vocations Resources

Serra International produces various materials for displays in church vestibules and recories, including three brochures on parish vocations committees: “7 steps to Forming a Church Vocation Committee In Your Parish,” “15 Ways to Promote Church Vocations in Your Parish”  and “The Parish Community, Source of Vocations.”

Life Awareness Weekend Retreat

The Life Awareness Weekend Retreat program targets single adults, aged 18-50, who may be interested in pursuing a religious vocation.  During the weekend, adults listen to presentations and participate in discussions as they discern their vocation.  Support groups are available after the retreat to help continue the discernment process begun during the weekend.

Ministry Potential Discerner

The MPD is a questionnaire that uncovers vocation potential in the young.  Nice different versions cover various age categories, ranging from grade 7 through college and comes in both English and Spanish.

Vocation Affirmation Programs

Friendship programs are one-on-one projects that demonstrate a Serran’s affirmation of vocation through personal, ongoing contact.  Through he use of cards, remembrances and gifts, Serrans remember an anniversary, a birthday or a holiday and thank the priest, seminarian, brother or sister for his or her tireless work and commitment to the Lord.

Sports and cultural Events

These large-scale programs provide priests, brothers, seminarians and sisters with an opportunity to step back from the daily pressures of vocations and ministry and relax in a casual, supportive atmosphere.

Dinners, Luncheons and Appreciations

Whether formal or informal, dinners, luncheons and appreciations show priests, brothers, seminarians and sisters that Serrans support their work.  These events are an opportunity to talk about the work of the club, listen to what the bishop envisions for Serra or what the newly ordained priests are looking for in their relationships with Serrans.

Prayer Programs

Prayer programs focus on vocation affirmation in the context of a prayer-filler environment.  They include Serra Day of recollection, Family Prayer Program and Ministry Affirmation Program.